Anne Marie Haddock - HR Consultant and Advisor

Anne Marie Depaul Haddock


Human Resource Advisor and Consultant

Ms Haddock a former executive and professional in the Human Resource industry is available for in-depth consulting regarding your career and work life needs.



Recommendations For Anne Marie

“Ann Marie is an excellent multitasking individual able to focus on objective managerial development projects while maintaining operations for 5 nationwide processing plants in their HR & staffing requirements. I loved to work with Ann Marie supporting the EH & Safety evdeavors for all those locations and the great support she put forth for community affairs within the local chamber.” March 10, 2009

Louis Ornelas, Safety & Risk Manager, Ready Pac Produce
worked with Anne Marie at Ready Pac Foods, Inc

“Anne Marie and I worked together in the Human Resources Department at Intersil Corp which is in the semiconductor industry. Anne Marie was a HR Director over one of the largest business units in manufacturing. When issues arose, Anne Marie kept the best interests of the employees and the company at heart and found ways to ensure that both were managed in a manner resulting in positive outcomes. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to work with her again.” April 20, 2008

Marie Ruelle, Training Coordinator, Advanced Medical Optics
worked indirectly for Anne Marie at Intersil Corporation

“Anne Marie is a highly detail oriented professional with a singular drive to exceed her customers expectations. She is fearless but disguises this trait with a genuinely warm human spirit that permits her to operate at all levels of an organization”

April 6, 2007

Michael Baumgartner, CEO The Worklife Survival Center, LLC and Host of JobCast Radio

“Anne Marie is an influential and proven HR leader widely respected at all levels of an organization. She is highly consulted by senior leadership for her knowledge and expertise in a variety of HR matters including organizational change and development. She is strategic, analytical, committed and dedicated to achieving organizational goals and objectives. Anne Marie would be an enormous asset and great leader in any organization.” March 12, 2007

Wendy Aguilar, HR Manager, Ready Pac
worked indirectly for Anne Marie at Ready Pac Foods, Inc

“Anne Marie Haddock exemplifies professionalism and spirit in the Human Resource function. Her responsibilities at Ready Pac covered a broad spectrum of organizational and development roles, including supporting my Marketing Team from HR perspective. I highly respect Anne Marie for her functional knowledge, people intuition, and caring and trustworthy approach to all things related to human capital. I highly recommend Anne Marie to anyone requiring HR support and hope I have the opportunity to work with her again. She is a truly outstanding contributor!” March 12, 2007

Steve Dickstein, VP Marketing, Ready Pac Foods
worked with Anne Marie at Ready Pac Foods, Inc